-Congratulations to Zandra for being awarded an Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions postdoctoral fellowship! 

-Jakob translated the Adventures in Archaeological Sciences coloring book, created by scientists at MPI-EVA, into Danish! Find a digital copy of the coloring book here!


-Virginie and Frido co authored a paper led by Karen Ruebens: "Neanderthal subsistence, taphonomy and chronology at Salzgitter-Lebenstedt (Germany): a multifaceted analysis of morphologically unidentifiable bone". Find the paper here!



-Congratulations to Zandra for obtaining a Leakey Foundation research grant to continue our efforts in improving proteomic extraction methods of ancient skeletal proteomes!

-Congratulations to Huan Xia for successfully defending her PhD at Lanzhou University (China)! Co-supervised by Frido, Dr. Huan Xia learned and applied palaeoproteomic methods at the important Palaeolithic site of Baishiya Karst Cave. We're looking forward to continuing our collaborations with her and the rest of the archaeological team working on the site.


-We have a 2-year Postdoc position open in Computational Palaeoproteomics. Apply here! Application deadline: 30 September 2022, 23.59pm CET


-Virginie and Frido co authored on a paper led by  Karen Ruebens: "The Late Middle Palaeolithic occupation of Abri du Maras (Layer 1, Neronian, Southeast France): Integrating lithic analyses, ZooMS and radiocarbon dating to reconstruct Neanderthal hunting behaviour". Find the paper here!


-Congratulations to Virginie on her co-authored paper: "Combining collagen extraction with mineral Zn isotope analyses from a single sample for robust palaeoecological investigations". Find the paper here!


-Congratulations to Frido on his co-authored paper: "A Middle Pleistocene Denisovan molar from the Annamite Chain of northern Laos". Read more about the discovery here!